Tuesday, October 29, 2013

to hell with death

"al diablo la muerte, mientras la vida nos dure."

(to hell with death while we're still alive)


  1. wow fabulous creation! Great saying!

  2. I'll drink to that! Pass the witch's brew, sweetie.
    (PS. I enjoyed seeing your work and reading the article in the recent Digital Studio magazine. Bought it specifically because you were in it! Very inspiring.)

    1. Thank you! Feels so good to hear that. I've been struggling with some life issues (aka sometimes life just sucks and you have to outlast) and haven't had as much time for art as I want. Missed catching up with your work via the blogging world too. Could relate your your last post about finding the stack of old pictures. so many details to pull from each you just need to scan them all. nothing better than a fresh stack of inspiration for some new work!

  3. Marvelous piece of art. The juxtaposition of the sweet white dresses and bouquet of flowers with the death's head masks is great.

    And amen to the outlasting...