Wednesday, June 5, 2013

white wedding

"hey little sister what have you done?
hey little sister who's the only one?
hey little sister who's your superman?
hey little sister who's the one you want?
hey little sister shot gun.

it's a nice day to start again.
it's a nice day for a white wedding.
it's a nice day to start again."

- from "white wedding" by billy idol


  1. I am loving these soft, painterly backgrounds, the pulled-down "drips" of the clothing, and the ethereal glow of the personnages (not sure if that's an English word) in this series. This group reminds me of a photo a friend of mine has of her with a bunch of her girlfriends, all dressed in 2nd hand wedding gowns when they were in their 30s, because they all knew it would be the only time they'd ever get to wear such an outfit.

  2. I absolutely love your work!
    Just beautiful!

  3. NO! That song is an earworm. I cannot stop singing once I hear, read, think it.

  4. Poignant image of sisterhood; some moments, hearts pulse at the same bit.
    Your art is always so rich and dark and achieved... I wonder how you do.
    They really look like fantoms of the past with their white ghost dripping dresses.
    Their pink cheeks give life to the whole effect. Bravo dear Beth! <3

  5. Wonderful creation. well done. Cheers

  6. You just keep getting better and better. This is beyond beautiful, and I love the text in the background.

  7. Wonderful!!! I like so much!

    Patri Bears

  8. I agree this is very haunting... I like it! Very ethereal