Wednesday, September 26, 2012

nobody nowhere

"make up room for the night
we got no final line
what fuel for the light?
we'll see when the sun don't shine

fearless, nothing can cease
knowing my part
fearless, nobody nowhere
holding me down

nobody now
nobody now
holding me down"

- "nobody nowhere" by the jezebels

model stock by marcus ranum


  1. Wow! this is so darkly elegant and dramatic. I love all the shades of blue, and the light.

  2. Love the fluid motion passing through the immovable walls...another stunner Beth.
    And now alas I go to play ridiculous twisted word games in order to leave this sorry bite of flattery...the things I am forced to do for my friends lol.

  3. Wonderful artwork. Fabulous range of gorgeous blue tones. Excellent imagery!

  4. Great work and agree with Gayle, bravo

  5. Yes....very dramatic I agree....nice work :o)

  6. This is stunning. So glad you participated this week!