Tuesday, August 28, 2012

letter to God

"oh dear God i'm writing this letter to you
cause i don't have a clue
can you help me?
i'm sitting here
simply trying to figure out
what my life's all about
can you tell me?

i lie awake conducting this symphony
that you have gifted to me
but i don't ever sleep
don't get mad
cause i get weak inside
and i start to fall apart
cause i feel nothing

i never wanted to be
some kind of comic relief
please show me who i am
i been tortured and scorned
since the day that i was born
but i don't know who i am

oh dear God i'm writing this letter to you
cause i'm coming undone
please help me

-from "letter to God" by hole


  1. Oh, my...I always wonder which comes first, the words or the picture...

    1. this time the words... it's one of my favorite hole songs

  2. I have no words for your fabulous creation, very impressive, I'm totally excited.
    Have a nice weekend,
    hugs Anja