Saturday, July 14, 2012

self portrait

"listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway."

-robert downey jr.

i was told yesterday that my work was "too dark" and that i should "go work on some more happy, colorful pieces".
i listened
i agreed
and then i got back to creating whatever the F i wanted to


  1. I love your work and I love Robert Downey Jr.'s quote, i need to remember that one! I think I'll write it down!

  2. 1. Self Portrait...A great symbolism of it's not what's on the outside but what's on the inside that are a rare beautiful thinking person.
    2. Amen Robert Downey Jr.
    3. If you spend awhile in the dark you begin to see where the light is.
    4. To your my hubby would say "That's what this finger is for."
    5. xox...ROCK ON BETH!

    1. oh grannie, you're the best! your comments make me feel like i can conquer the world (one birdie finger at a time)! thank you!

  3. i love your work, so do wat you wanna do!! and i live/love RD's quote, haha

  4. Robert Downey's quote may just become my new mantra! Bravo, Beth, for doing what you love and taking no prisoners.

    I KNOW that your art is wonderful, meaningful, funny, outrageous and so tellingly TRUE!

    Thank you for continuing yo do what you love (and I LOVE looking at) anf taking absolutely NO s*** about it!

    by the way, did you know that the Victorians-those bastions of gentility and propriety- often had photographs taken of their DEAD children!

    1. thank you my friend! funny you should mention the post mortem photography... i was so pissed after the "too dark" episode i swore i was gonna do something really dark (you know- "you ain't seen dark yet... i'll show you dark"...) and i came across one of those pictures. i thought about using it for about 2 seconds then decided i wasn't quite dark enough for that!!!

  5. There are jerks everywhere. Your work is great, keep doing whatever the f... you want and you'll succeed eventually.

  6. i love this portrait! ^^
    i'm great fan of skulls and Vanitas's Thême..