Sunday, June 17, 2012

i can be a regular bitch

"she went around with the attitude that she would rather be beaten to death than take any shit."

"i can be a regular bitch.  just try me."

"she was the woman who hated men who hate women."

"i'm not going to apologize for the way i've led my life."

"keep in mind that i'm crazy, won't you?"

lisbeth salander quotes- girl with the dragon tattoo
written by stieg larsson

female stock from faestock at deviant art:


  1. outrageous! I love the way your mind works!

  2. Wow this really makes that bold statement for is outrageous and awesome...but I want to see the tattoo. Love it!

  3. I couldn't agree more.........the 1900's women and the bitch. Love it! You can just hear those women saying, "I wish I could be like her"!!!

  4. WoW! That can hit where it hurts! fabulous! xx