Wednesday, May 2, 2012

what are you hiding?

"why are we so full of restraint?
why do we not give in all directions?
is it fear of losing ourselves?
until we lose ourselves there is no hope
of finding ourselves."

-henry miller


  1. I love this picture Beth, It's very thought provocing. I have found two quotes in answer to Henry Millers question:

    "Social acceptance is what people, in order to fit in with the others, look and act like them. It stops (mostly) everyone from truly being themselves. It' also the reason most people look painfully average" Urban Dictionary

    "I wish they could only take me as i am" Vincent Van Goch

  2. thank you karin and sandra! sandra i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the quotes in response... so true on the first one and how sad on the second one... good stuff!