Thursday, March 22, 2012

"i heard you were here then you disappeared last night
when they killed the lights
words we didn't say
your eyes that took us down two more
and we were ready for
you came up behind me, grabbed my wrists in the dark
and said 'don't look at what you can't see'"

-from all night by sam phillips


  1. I found your blog through The Graphics Fairy site, I think your art is fabulous!!!


  2. Thank you Barbara.... and may I say same to you! I have been browsing around your blog and I LOVE your style! Beautiful work!

  3. Hi Beth... big fan of your work. Just wondering, would you ever make a tutorial? I'm new to Photoshop (assuming you're working in PS).

  4. Thank you Ms. Bomb... i do work in PS. i've structured the blog here so i don't have to do any of my own writing (not my best skill) but i would like to post the various layers/ photos/ etc. that went into a piece and then tell what blending mode/ mask/ etc. i used. good idea.... thanks for posting!

  5. This is very beautiful and mysterious....!


  6. Beautiful poem and a wonderful image to set it to. Your work is outstanding!

  7. Thank you GT and Jan for your kind comments!

  8. I love this, it´s beautiful, yet almost haunting. Thank you for participating. :))