Tuesday, October 30, 2012

going out of my mind

"in my dreams i'm dying all the time
as i wake its kaleidoscopic mind
i never meant to hurt you
i never meant to lie
so this is goodbye

tell the truth you never wanted me
tell me

in my dreams i'm jealous all the time
as i wake i'm going out of my mind
going out of my mind."

- "porcelain" by moby

antlers from the graphics fairy:



  1. I love your color work! It's amazing how you can still convey that wonderfully eerie stillness amid all that glowing color!

    1. thanky linda... that's one of the best compliments i can get!

  2. Excellent! I agree...
    Plus, I always enjoy the lyrics/quotes you share and how they complement your art.

    1. thanky tiffany... sometimes finding the perfect quote is the most fun part!

  3. Inbelievable how a mouth expression can change the eyes without changing them at all!
    I wish you can understand my bad english, because I'm really really fan of your artwork Beth!
    You put more and more colors in your recent pieces, and it's always the same strong and dark feelings.
    Very great my dear!
    This one looks like an explosion between two parallel quantic universes, one of them targeted...
    (If you don't mind, I've put a link to your blog in my blog list :))

  4. thank you sim... i understand exactly what you are saying. i would be honored if you linked to my blog in your blog list.

  5. Great collage ...sound more like a nightmare though.

  6. Strong and dark and wondrous art, Beth. May I say I find your work absolutely fascinating. Take a huge bow.

  7. Well, this is great, so creepy weird that you have to keep looking. That smiling mouth really changes the whole tone of the piece, doesn't it? Barb