Sunday, April 1, 2012

in my dreams

"in my dreams i'm dying all the time
as i wake its kaleidoscopic mind
i never meant to hurt you
i never meant to lie
so this is goodbye
this is goodbye

tell the truth you never wanted me
tell me

in my dreams i'm jealous all the time
as i wake i'm going out of my mind
going out of my mind"

- porcelain by moby

unmodified head from The Graphics Fairy

body public domain but shared by hello-tuesday


  1. Thanks Barbara! I was inspired to try the Mange face technique after seeing your work on your blog and followed your link to the tutorial. What fun!

  2. A fantasy- beautifully creative and moving!

  3. the combination of image and words are amazing!

  4. Fantastic piece! Thanks so much for joining us for the June challenge and sorry I didn’t make it around sooner to comment!

    Artists in Blogland