Saturday, February 4, 2012

at last

"i can say that i've lived here in honor and danger
but i'm just an animal and cannot explain a life
down this chain of days i wished to stay among my people
relation now means nothing, having chosen so defined
and if death should smell my breathing
as it pass beneath my window
let it lead me trembling, trembling
i own every bell that tolls me"

-"at last" by neko case

(photograph i took in new orleans cemetery- added Florabella textures)


  1. It looks a very old picture with a forbidding sky. Great job with both the photo and it's manipulation. Great work Beth!

  2. She looks as if she's hanging on for dear life...this is a sobering piece but lovely as always.

  3. Terribly sad and beautiful as ever Beth...
    Strong feelings of wonder gloom!
    I love it very much my friend.

  4. A very moving piece; worn, clinging and somber. It has its own beauty and is perfectly titled.